Slipped Disc Help! 'The Galaxy of Slipped Disc Symptoms' with a green-glowing central star 'for nausea' and an asteroid 'for quality of life hit'.

How to Heal a Herniated Disc with Exercise

When I'm in 'good health' I'd usually be out running, swimming, doing 'push ups', going to kickboxing class, lifting weights and generally 'living my life'. I'd usually exercise every other day 'mixing it up' (so as to avoid 'over training'). But forty-three months ago 'when I'd been an idiot' (by riding that zip wire) and ended up with three slipped discs 'everything changed'! Having travelled 'the road to recovery' from multiple slipped discs 'twice before', I knew that 'I could fix myself with exercise - using just what I have at home'. It was here that I decided to write a book on 'how I've recovered from slipped disc injuries'. Once I started writing, I found that 'I couldn't stop' ... My 'self-help book' doesn't get into all the technical stuff (as I am no doctor), but it does get into 'the road to recovery' - as it 'helps you to continue living' whilst you're recovering from slipped discs (and your body 'heals itself' through exercise). So if you're feeling like an Iguanodon 'whose life has just been torn to bits' by a rampaging Spinosaurus 'that did all but finish you off' - yet 'fate it seems' has decided to leave you there 'writhing in agony' but being unable to 'move easily, think, work or sleep' and you now find yourself asking: What do I do now? How do I cope? How do I get better? How do I get my life back? ROAR!!! For my book shows you how 'I have fought back - one step at a time' Art of ROAR!!!

Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back

Have you slipped a disc in your back? Feeling like your life's 'gone down the pan'? Then this book is for you, not because I'm a doctor, but because I've been through this wound-injury three times, and I've found 'what works'. It may work for you to :) At the very least, by reading it, you'll know one thing: you're not alone. Others have been before you!

Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back
Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back

In ten years, I've had three bouts of slipped discs (eight slipped discs in total). Being someone, who's used to being out running, swimming and cycling 'all the time', having a slipped disc (or three!), really gets in the way of your life, and inter-fears with your training routine! This book is meant to help you, through the 'darkest days' of injury, and help you 'get your life back'.

When writing 'Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back', I decided to take the stance of: 'declaring war on my slipped discs, and fighting every day to get my health back'. I don't 'pull any punches' - as when you're 'busted back to the rank of baby' being basically 'unable to do anything' - it's hard! Yet even here, are there 'challenges within challenges' ... With one of the hardest being: just trying to sleep. And this is why I dedicated an entire chapter to 'Sleep, or Lack of It'. As to heal, you have to be able to sleep. But when you can't sleep? I show you the sleeping positions that I used - together with 'your second new best friend' of a pillow! So whether it's your first slipped disc injury (or perhaps you're second) - then welcome to the 'long hard road', where nobody wants to know, except for me!

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