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Pain - Slipped Disc Symptoms

There's pain, and there's 'real pain'. Slipped discs are only ever concerned with the realms of 'real pain'. Within the 'dictionary of pain', you will find that pain EQUALS slipped discs, and slipped discs EQUALS pain! You will also find that this definition is printed in BOLD FONT. As you won't be able to hide from the pain! Nor will you be able to ignore the pain! In my third bout (two slipped discs lower back, one slipped disc upper neck) I came to redefine 'the meaning' of the word pain (yet again!), especially as I was 'forced to remember' the hard way, that pain is accumulative:

The more slipped discs you've slipped - the greater the pain!
The more slipped discs you've slipped - the greater the pain!

The more slipped discs you have, the more pain you shall be in. For 'special cases' like me, my spine was 'getting it' from both ends. You should think yourself lucky 'if you only have one slipped disc'. Although 'not so lucky' if that's a slipped disc in your neck! As I can tell you 'right now' that a slipped disc in your neck, is far worse (in terms of 'everything') than slipped discs in either your lower or middle spine (and those are 'bad enough!'). It's simple really: think about 'how much you move your back' - then think about 'how much you move your neck' (it's a lot more than your back!).

Before my 'three bouts' of slipped disc injuries, the worst pain I'd ever felt, was when I'd twisted one of my ankle's, around a tree root (whilst out playing paint ball). My ankle swelled to twice the size, and I was on crutches for six weeks. I thought that was pain. I was wrong, that was NOT pain. And neither are 'any of these':

  • Being hit with a paintball - including 'the guy that was hit between his legs'. Yes he screamed, but with slipped discs - you can't really 'scream for months at a time' (as you'd have no voice left, after a few days!).
  • I was running along (in circa 2016) telling some jokes, when an African Wasp 'flew into my mouth - and stung me on the tongue'. With slipped discs, you may as well have 'fallen into the wasps nest' (with no clothes on!).
  • Stepping 'bare foot' onto a Bee (with the Bee 'leaving the stinger' in your foot). I've actually done this twice, once before my slipped discs (when I thought it was painful) and once whilst recovering in my third bout of slipped discs! Only here: I didn't feel the pain, my foot was 'twice the size' and I still didn't notice the pain.

For slipped discs have a 'World of Pain' just by themselves. You'll find it out beyond 'anything you've ever felt before'. Both in terms of 'the level of pain', and in terms of 'how long that pain lasts': six weeks here, you'll barely notice a difference! As in my third bout (of slipped discs), I was in pain for over ten months. And when I say pain, I mean the kind of pain where I cried myself to sleep at night (for months at a time). Where was the pain you ask? That's the wrong question to ask me. A better question would be: where didn't it hurt? To which I would say: nowhere really! For I had:

  • Pain 'all across my back'. It felt like a steam roller had 'parked on top of me'.
  • Pain 'down both my legs'. It felt like I'd been standing 'for ten thousand years' (whilst holding a cruise ship).
  • Pain 'down both my arms'. It felt like I'd been punching 'for eternity' with lactic acid building (to infinite levels).
  • BUT ALL OF THIS 'WAS AS NOTHING' COMPARED TO THE PAIN 'both deep inside and around my spine'.

For your spine is complex (both in terms of its 'bone structure' and 'nerve routing') - and when it's damaged (with slipped discs), you're going to know it! As like it or not, you're going to be hand-in-hand with pain 'morning, day and night'. And by the time that pain's finished with you, you're going to have earned 'something else' as well:

A 'first class honours degree' in the subject of Pain! Thanks 'Mr Slipped Disc' and 'Mrs Herniated Disc'.

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