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Reasons for Crying - Slipped Disc Symptom

Slipped discs are the injury that have 'made me cry the most' within my life (so far). With my three slipped discs (two lower back and one upper neck) there were days where it felt like 'I cried all the time'. This doesn't mean that my pain threshold 'was low' - but that herniated discs 'punch right through' whatever pain threshold 'you have before', and cause you to experience 'just how LOW life can GO' (for quite some time). And whilst you are 'that LOW' you shall also experience 'something else' about our 'highly evolved society' - that no matter 'who you are' IT DOES NOT CATER FOR ADULTS 'that are CRYING'. For as adults, we believe that 'its only kids that cry'. But slipped discs 'refine that opinion':

When the pain of slipped discs AND 'what you've lost' AND 'time of year' get too much - you will cry!
When the pain of slipped discs AND 'what you've lost' AND 'time of year' get too much - you will cry!

In the early 2000's, I can remember seeing a lady crying, when something 'had gone wrong' with the completion of her 'advanced scuba diving course'. They were down at thirty metres 'under water'. But when they 'came up' she was in tears (bordering on screaming). She was a 'shaking mess' who could not be consoled. But with slipped discs, that's the 'kind of crying' that you can expect - for months at a time! For your tears 'shall be fed through' three underlying causes:

  • The pain you're experiencing 'everywhere'. Any human being 'that's in pain' is going to find it hard 'to be their usual self'. Whilst there maybe pain (from broken bones and accidents) that 'feel worse' - I would be 'hard pressed' to name PAIN that 'lasts for as long' (as slipped discs do). As months will 'go by' without you noticing 'any reduction' in that pain. In my third bout, it was fourteen months before I noticed 'any improvement' - a reduction in 'muscular pain', which evolved into 'nerve pain' (both of which 'kept me company'). On some days it will feel as though 'it's too much pain' and you will 'break down' and start crying - finding it hard to stop!
  • The impact on your life 'what you've lost'. Any human being that is unable to go about 'their usual activities' is going to feel saddened. So many of our lives 'are based upon routine'. We are used to doing 'certain things' on a weekly basis (such as attending a kickboxing class) and also on a seasonal basis (such as 'spring cleaning' and gardening). BUT when you can't do those, having to refrain (for the most part) because of 'terrible pain' - then you will find that you will lose 'much of the stability' that a weekly routine 'brings to you'. On some days it will feel as though 'you can't take any more' and you will 'break down' and start crying - finding it hard to stop!
  • The 'time of year'. The run up to Christmas 2017 'is the hardest I've ever known'. As this was three months after that 'silly decision - to ride the zip wire' (which gave me my three slipped discs). It's very hard 'to be merry' when it feels like you've been hit 'with a neutron bomb' (especially when 'you're left' in the blast crater, feeling the 'shockwaves' every day). I can remember 'wrapping up my Christmas Presents' whilst being 'close to tears'. How can such a 'simple task' take SO LONG, and be SO PAINFUL? I had trouble 'sitting in the seat', 'cutting the paper' and reaching for the Sellotape. I also found that 'first summer' (2018) difficult to cope with ... I'd usually be out running, enjoying the local countryside and exploring my local woods (listening to the wildlife). But with my slipped discs, I was 'well and truly' housebound - and as such, I lost many of my usual 'relaxation paths'. I found that this 'turned to tears' and that 'I would cry' because I felt 'less than I had been'. I would ask myself a question: why me again? As I'd then 'remember about' my previous two slipped disc bouts, and cry some more!

I would also say that the 'mental challenges' to recovering from slipped discs - are harder 'the older you are'. As a kid, you can 'get by' with not doing 'much at all' - BUT as an adult, you will find 'doing nothing' extremely hard. Well I am afraid, that whilst you're recovering from slipped/herniated discs - that 'doing nothing' is exactly how you're going to be spending (most of) your time! You shall also be asking yourself a question: how can I pass this time? Of hours in days that 'feel like' years? It's hard ... And it gets 'even harder' when you have to cope with 'three pressures at once':

WHEN 'the pain' - AND 'what you've lost' - AND 'the time of year' - HIT YOU!!!

For then expect:

A cascading waterfall of tears - that takes you back 'to being a baby again'.

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Repetitive Localised Pain - Slipped Disc Symptom

In the 'early days' of recovering from slipped discs, it can be 'hard to tell' exactly where the pain that your feeling 'is coming from'. It will hurt everywhere. Your body's going to 'tighten up' - primarily 'due to injury' and secondly 'due to inactivity' (which will cause 'further pain' in itself). This will be 'especially true' if your used to exercise (and have built 'strong muscles' using weights). But after many 'long months', I have found that you 'start to realise' that your feeling pain 'more frequently' from certain areas of your body 'than from others'. This is (what I call) 'repetitive localised pain'. It's kind of like 'the tide of pain' is starting to recede, whilst leaving behind 'pinnacles of rock' - that keep 'impaling you':

When your slipped discs 'tide of pain' starts to recede - then 'spires of rock' (pinched nerves) take over!
When your slipped discs 'tide of pain' starts to recede - then 'spires of rock' (pinched nerves) take over!

Whilst your being schooled in the 'halls of pain' and learning your 'first class honours degree' in pain - you shall find that your 'attention in class' does not ever falter! As 'Mr Slipped Disc' and 'Mrs Herniated Disc' have no intention of 'letting up' (for quite some time). You shall be 'studying pain' from every angle, with all 'manner of intensities' and 'rainbows of colour' (you won't need to revise!). Within my third bout (two slipped discs lower back, one slipped disc upper neck) I encountered 'repetitive localised pain' (throughout my 'eternity long days' and 'not long enough nights') - within my:

  • Left Foot. Has somebody 'hit my foot' with a one-tonne sledgehammer? Do I have a skyscraper 'resting on' my foot? Whilst the pain could vary its location (within my foot) I always felt that pain 'so much more intense' upon the 'very tops' of my left foot. Before injury, I can remember landing a 'kickboxing kick' incorrectly and 'bending my foot backwards' (at training one night). It felt like I'd done that here, only HERE I was 'kicking a tree' for days.
  • Left Ankle. Has somebody 'pushed an iron bar' into my ankle? Do I have a 'two snooker balls - rolling on top of each other' ankle? Whilst the pain could vary its location (within my ankle) I always felt that pain 'so much more intense' within the 'inner parts' of my left ankle. I can remember from when I'd damaged my ankle 'playing paintball' (a few years back) that a nurse told me to 'keep rotating my ankle everyday'. I did that HERE. It hurt.
  • Shins. Has somebody clawed 'a laser edged talon' along the front of my shins? Do I have a split 'in the space-time continuum' along the front of my shins? Yes! For it felt like my shins were 'splitting in half' (more my left, than my right). Before injury, I can remember landing a 'kickboxing kick' incorrectly - putting 'one of my shins' right across 'the point of their elbow'. Whilst that surprised 'both of us', I came off far worse - 'as did I HERE'.
  • Legs. Has somebody 'lowered me into' one of those medieval flail devices? Do I have a 'mutant power' of evolving metal skin/muscle? Before injury, I'd usually be out running ten to fifteen miles on a Sunday (morning) and six miles on a Tuesday (evening). With those slipped discs and my inability 'to move as normal' - I found that my 'hard won' leg muscles 'tightened up' (as though I had been 'lowered into' a cement mixer 'full of concrete').
  • Spine. Has somebody 'been a silly billy' and ended up with three slipped discs? Yes! Has somebody 'been here' twice before? Yes! For in all three bouts of my slipped discs - has this ALWAYS 'been the EPICENTRE' of my PAIN. Its where that 'receding tide of pain' is going to 'hang on' for the longest. Whilst I've had this 'receding tide' over my entire spine, I've also had this 'receding tide' over individual parts of my spine (lower back, middle back and upper back). For 'it is here' that you shall ask a question: receding to what? You won't like the answer ... For that 'receding tide of pain' ALWAYS recedes to Pinched Nerves 'of pinnacle rock' - which keep 'impaling you' ...

Your 'repetitive localised pain' is going to be 'drawing parallels' - with a fifteen ton 'plant eating' Diplodocus (dinosaur) that just happens to be 'sitting and jumping on top of you'. Only that Diplodocus has 'all of its weight' acting through your slipped/herniated discs, pushing on the nerves in/to your spine, which through the 'quirks of your body' transmit that pain 'down your legs' (giving you many of the symptoms of Sciatica) if not indeed - Sciatica itself! Which I have found can also go by 'another name' - of Pinched Nerves and their 'Pinnacle of Rock' WHICH KEEPS 'IMPALING YOU'!

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Lump of Gristle 'Sword in Your Back' - Slipped Disc Symptom

In the early stages of recovering from slipped discs, you're going to be encountering an entire spectrum of 'pain and gristle' like symptoms: 'pain and tightness', 'pain and concrete', 'pain and locked', 'pain and glued', 'pain and fused'. With the gristle itself, being what I define as: the complete inflexibility of specific vertebra within your spine. Uninjured people may say that 'their spine is inflexible anyway' - but even here, is their still flexibility ... For its only when you have a herniated disc (or three!) that you shall 'fully realise' just how flexible your spine was 'before you injured it'. For with slipped discs, your spine will lose 'most/all of its flexibility' and be behaving like 'your vertebras - are fused together':

Slipped Disc 'sword in your back' - with 'pain and gristle' fused vertebra, the Valhalla of 'bad back pain'.
Slipped Disc 'sword in your back' - with 'pain and gristle' fused vertebra, the Valhalla of 'bad back pain'.

These 'gristle like sensations' are going to feel like somebody came along and 'shoved a sword in your back'. And whilst that sword 'is in there' you're going to find that the 'movement and motion' that you usually 'take for granted' are no longer yours. As that sword is going to limit 'what you can do' and 'how long you can do it for' - morning, day and night:

  • Bending. A stone pillar will be more flexible than you! As I found that 'bending from my waist' was completely impossible - and I had to 'learn to lift properly'. If only us humans 'could magically levitate' - to avoid bending ...
  • Standing. The Egyptian Pyramids have stood for (circa) four thousand years. By the time your slipped discs 'have finished with you' it shall feel like you've been standing 'for four thousand years' as well! Just like I have ...
  • Sitting. The 'hardest of the hard'. No matter 'how comfortable' your office chair (or lounge sofa) was before your slipped discs, it shall now feel like 'a torture device' from the medieval era. You will 'prefer to stand' ...
  • Twisting. A tree's trunk will be more flexible than you. My parents kitchen is a 'ship's galley style one' with oven and hobs one side, sink and 'food preparation' the other. Food from hob 'twist' to dish up side - NO, NO, NO!
  • Sleeping. A concrete slab 'will be lowered' more easily than you 'getting into bed'. That concrete will also 'get up easier' as well. Do you remember that scene from Thor? Where Loki has Thor's hammer 'placed upon his chest'.
  • Shopping. A baby will be capable of 'lifting and doing more' than you! Our society is 'engineered to assume' that all adults are in 'full health'. You should see 'the looks you get' - when even a 'light plastic bag' is too much ...
  • Running and Swimming. I haven't run or swum for twenty-one months now. I learned 'the hard way' (in my previous two bouts of slipped disc injuries) that you can't run, and you can't swim - 'with a sword in your back'.

Your 'quality of life' is going to be 'extremely low' whilst that 'sword is in your back'. Unfortunately, that sword 'won't be coming out' any time soon, and for many months - you're going to have to 'learn to live with it' (just like I had to). Some days it would also feel as though that sword 'was set in stone' (just like King Arthur's 'fantasy sword' Excalibur). You may also have delusions of 'pulling it out yourself' - but I am afraid that it was set there by a 'far higher power' that goes by the name of slipped disc/herniated disc. That sword is also NOT Excalibur, for your sword was 'forged in hell' - in the 'Halls of Bad Back' and the 'Halls of Back Pain'. For I found that this 'hell sword' had also 'pinned me to the wall' in concrete - as you will feel that you're in Valhalla (the Viking Warrior 'Hall of the Slain'). You will get frustrated ... BUT at some point, that sword WILL come out - and when it does you're going to appreciate life 'so much more'. ROAR!!!

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Toilet Pain - Slipped Disc Symptom

Ah 'the bliss' of being able to go to the toilet 'when you want'. BUT with slipped discs, you won't be 'quite so keen' to go to the toilet! The reason being: THE PAIN - THAT 'GOING TO THE TOILET' CAN CAUSE YOU! I had this 'classic' herniated disc symptom 'the worst' in my first bout of slipped discs (three lower back), 'not so bad' in my second bout (two middle back) and 'here we go again' in my third bout (two lower back, one upper neck). Whilst uninjured people will 'put off' going to the toilet (for reasons such as 'making it home first') with slipped discs, you will 'put off' going to the toilet - because of 'nightmare memories' about previous outings to the toilet! But it's a 'BAD IDEA' to delay going 'for too long':

How 'going to the toilet' with slipped discs 'is agony' - as 'trying to go' feels like 'nerve splitting' which causes you to fear 'a hellish loo'!
How 'going to the toilet' with slipped discs 'is agony' - as 'trying to go' feels like 'nerve splitting' which causes you to fear 'a hellish loo'!

In the early stages, you shall FEAR 'GOING TO THE TOILET' - and have nightmares about it! For the following reasons:

  • Going to the pee. This can feel like 'your nerves are splitting' deep inside your spine. It's almost as if 'the signal to go' is not getting through - but is instead 'pushing against another nerve'. The harder you try, the more you will feel 'that nerve path'. You will also be worried about 'stopping as well' - especially if you get (what I refer to as) 'a nerve catch' - you will know it when it happens! In any case, 'going to the pee' will be far from pleasurable!
  • Going to the poo. This can feel like 'muscles are tearing' deep inside your spine - because it feels like your lower back discs 'are being forced' to move (and they won't like that!). This affect will be 'even worse' if you're constipated (as your lower back discs 'will really NOT LIKE' being strained). It was 'bad enough' sitting down, let alone 'having to push'. It's 'not nice', with the only constellation prize being - that we 'poo less than we pee'.

In my first bout of slipped discs, I was prescribed 'pain killers' which made it even harder 'to go to the toilet' (as they really made me constipated!). But in my later bouts, I primarily 'just put up with the pain' (remember that saying from the World at War: You get used to it. You can get used to anything!). Even 'accounting for that', you won't enjoy 'going to the toilet' - especially in the 'early days' of recovering from slipped discs. BUT YOU NEED TO GO. Because if you don't, you're only 'fighting against' your body's natural 'waste clearage' processes (which will lead to you 'retaining toxins' inside your body, for longer than 'nature intended' - which won't do you 'any good at all'). It's a 'catch 22 - toilet woe':

You need to go to the toilet BUT 'the means' by which you go, will cause you 'GREATER PAIN' (until you start to heal) BUT to aid 'in your healing' - your body needs to 'expel its waste products' as normal ...

Within my third bout of slipped discs, I have also encountered 'toilet irony'. For within my later stages of healing, I could feel the need 'to go to the pee' three or four times before heading to bed! I found myself fixated on the 'just encase I wet my bed' scenario ... I suspect that this is/was caused through the concept of 'touching nerves'. Because when I 'sat up' in my bed (and was able to 'read a book'), then I could feel 'the need to go' - but when lying down, that urge would dissipate (without me 'wetting my bed'). For these slipped discs really do 'bust you back to the rank of baby' which also includes 'it feeling like' - you're relearning the basics of 'potty training' and 'knowing just when to go' to the pee/poo!

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Pain - Slipped Disc Symptoms

There's pain, and there's 'real pain'. Slipped discs are only ever concerned with the realms of 'real pain'. Within the 'dictionary of pain', you will find that pain EQUALS slipped discs, and slipped discs EQUALS pain! You will also find that this definition is printed in BOLD FONT. As you won't be able to hide from the pain! Nor will you be able to ignore the pain! In my third bout (two slipped discs lower back, one slipped disc upper neck) I came to redefine 'the meaning' of the word pain (yet again!), especially as I was 'forced to remember' the hard way, that pain is accumulative:

The more slipped discs you've slipped - the greater the pain!
The more slipped discs you've slipped - the greater the pain!

The more slipped discs you have, the more pain you shall be in. For 'special cases' like me, my spine was 'getting it' from both ends. You should think yourself lucky 'if you only have one slipped disc'. Although 'not so lucky' if that's a slipped disc in your neck! As I can tell you 'right now' that a slipped disc in your neck, is far worse (in terms of 'everything') than slipped discs in either your lower or middle spine (and those are 'bad enough!'). It's simple really: think about 'how much you move your back' - then think about 'how much you move your neck' (it's a lot more than your back!).

Before my 'three bouts' of slipped disc injuries, the worst pain I'd ever felt, was when I'd twisted one of my ankle's, around a tree root (whilst out playing paint ball). My ankle swelled to twice the size, and I was on crutches for six weeks. I thought that was pain. I was wrong, that was NOT pain. And neither are 'any of these':

  • Being hit with a paintball - including 'the guy that was hit between his legs'. Yes he screamed, but with slipped discs - you can't really 'scream for months at a time' (as you'd have no voice left, after a few days!).
  • I was running along (in circa 2016) telling some jokes, when an African Wasp 'flew into my mouth - and stung me on the tongue'. With slipped discs, you may as well have 'fallen into the wasps nest' (with no clothes on!).
  • Stepping 'bare foot' onto a Bee (with the Bee 'leaving the stinger' in your foot). I've actually done this twice, once before my slipped discs (when I thought it was painful) and once whilst recovering in my third bout of slipped discs! Only here: I didn't feel the pain, my foot was 'twice the size' and I still didn't notice the pain.

For slipped discs have a 'World of Pain' just by themselves. You'll find it out beyond 'anything you've ever felt before'. Both in terms of 'the level of pain', and in terms of 'how long that pain lasts': six weeks here, you'll barely notice a difference! As in my third bout (of slipped discs), I was in pain for over ten months. And when I say pain, I mean the kind of pain where I cried myself to sleep at night (for months at a time). Where was the pain you ask? That's the wrong question to ask me. A better question would be: where didn't it hurt? To which I would say: nowhere really! For I had:

  • Pain 'all across my back'. It felt like a steam roller had 'parked on top of me'.
  • Pain 'down both my legs'. It felt like I'd been standing 'for ten thousand years' (whilst holding a cruise ship).
  • Pain 'down both my arms'. It felt like I'd been punching 'for eternity' with lactic acid building (to infinite levels).
  • BUT ALL OF THIS 'WAS AS NOTHING' COMPARED TO THE PAIN 'both deep inside and around my spine'.

For your spine is complex (both in terms of its 'bone structure' and 'nerve routing') - and when it's damaged (with slipped discs), you're going to know it! As like it or not, you're going to be hand-in-hand with pain 'morning, day and night'. And by the time that pain's finished with you, you're going to have earned 'something else' as well:

A 'first class honours degree' in the subject of Pain! Thanks 'Mr Slipped Disc' and 'Mrs Herniated Disc'.

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