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Point Singularity - Slipped Disc Symptom

Within the realms of slipped discs and their 'really nasty symptoms' - are what I refer to as 'point singularities'. This is a term that 'comes from space' - specifically: Most of us have heard of the concept of the 'big bang' universe creation theory (whereby everything that exists in the universe 'expanded out' from a 'single point' that contained everything). You will find that 'single point' (the 'point singularity') within your slipped discs as well! In my case, I felt that 'point singularity' FAR MORE from the herniated disc that I had in my neck (as opposed to the two herniated discs in my lower back). That 'point singularity' is going to feel like it's the 'centre of pain and pressure' of all your slipped disc symptoms:

Slipped disc 'point singularity' - the 'centre' of all of your symptoms, which 'burns as bright as a sun'.
Slipped disc 'point singularity' - the 'centre' of all of your symptoms, which 'burns as bright as a sun'.

That 'point singularity' is going to feel like you have 'the nuclear power of the sun' - condensed down into a 'pin prick'. That just keeps 'burning and burning', 'brighter and brighter', 'hotter and hotter' - and with every movement you make (no matter how small) your just going to 'feel it' right there! It's horrible, and whilst I was 'feeling this symptom' I had:

  • Sensations that my head was 'floating above my neck'. I became 'very aware' of my necks 'pivot point' and I started worrying that my head 'could fall off' - if it 'bobbed too far' to the left or right (whilst I was standing).
  • Sensations that my neck was 'grinding through gristle' when I moved it 'to look at something'. My neck didn't 'want to move' - but sometimes you 'have to move it' (such as when looking left or right 'at road crossings').
  • Sensations that my entire body 'had gone numb' (beneath my neck). This was a 'horrible sensation' that would often lead to me 'panicking'. For I found myself thinking about 'what had happened' to Christopher Reeve (the film actor that used to play Superman). He had the 'severe misfortune' of 'falling off of his horse' whilst he was riding it 'at one event'. He broke his neck - and never recovered. I thought of him 'and found respect for him'.
  • Sensations when 'trying to sleep' that my neck was 'on top' of a Mount Everest sized 'apex point'. No matter which position 'I tried my neck in' - all I could feel was that apex point 'pushing up' under my neck.

For I am afraid that until you have slipped discs, you just won't realise 'how flexible' your spine and neck 'usually are'. And when you've lost that flexibility, you're going to struggle to do many of those tasks that we 'take for granted' and 'enjoy relaxing to' - because that 'point singularity' is going to be there with you 'gnawing away' deep inside your spine! It will 'put you off' and you may find it harder to concentrate, but it's still a part of 'the road to recovery'. Within the 'first fourteen months' (or so) of recovering in my third bout, I found that my neck's 'point singularity' would affect:

  • Stargazing. As I couldn't bend my neck 'to lookup' at the stars. I had to (try to) 'bend my eyes' upwards.
  • Dancing. As I couldn't bend my neck 'to see where the rest of my troupe was'. I had to use 'peripheral vision'.
  • Driving. As I couldn't bend my neck 'so easily' to look hard 'left and right'. I just 'pushed through it - on auto'.
  • Soldering. As I couldn't bend my neck 'to look down' to see various power paths. I had to stand up 'soldering'.
  • Painting. As I couldn't bend my neck 'to look down' to see my models. I had to refrain for many months.
  • Reading. As I couldn't bend my neck 'to look down' to see the text. I had to stand up (holding my book).

For these 'point singularities' are going to attack 'everything that is you': physically (making it harder), mentally (making you worry) and spiritually (testing your connection 'to your sense of self'). Although 'I have found with time' that these 'point singularities' will 'start to fade' - to become 'less intense' and resemble more of a 'flickering star'. Which won't bother you 'quite as much', but will serve instead as a 'sensible reminder' - not to 'overdo anything' that you're doing!

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Tingling and Burning Sensations - Slipped Disc Symptom

In those first twelve months (or so) of recovering from three slipped discs, I had a 'classic symptom' of herniated discs 'keeping me company' - that of 'tingling and burning sensations'. This symptom can both 'make you worry' (when your feeling numb) and 'drive you nuts' (when you have an itch) - because whilst you can feel 'these sensations' from somewhere inside you, you won't be able to do anything about them! I learned 'the hard way' that you just have to 'put up with them' and spend your time (particularly in the evenings) just trying to 'distract yourself'. Although on some nights, these 'tingling and burning sensations' would become 'so bad' that it really would 'test my patience' to the limit:

Slipped Disc Tingling - Feeling numb and feeling fire 'pins and needles' frustrate you (as itches plenty).
Slipped Disc Tingling - Feeling numb and feeling fire 'pins and needles' frustrate you (as itches plenty).

When I suffered from this symptom, it was usually a case of it happening 'for no apparent reason'. I'd be standing there (in the evenings) with my laptop 'on top' of my cats 'five foot scratch post' (so I didn't have to 'sit down') and then without any 'real warning' - I could start to feel 'random tingling and burning' from within 'various parts of my body':

  • An 'ultra-itch' emanating from 'right inside my spine'. No matter how much I 'scratched my back' that itch just wouldn't 'go away'. Oddly enough, I seemed to 'get this more' half way up my spine (as opposed to where my slipped discs were - two lower back and one upper neck). It felt like a 'mega-itch' from a vertebra 'deep inside'.
  • A 'whole arm tingling' in my left arm. This could be really worrying! For it felt like my arm was 'going to sleep' at the same time - I had to keep 'grasping' for my left arm/hand with my right hand (to ensure it was 'still there'). I'd rub my left arm 'up and down' trying to 'warm it' (sometimes making the tingling worse) - although it would still feel 'cold and clammy' afterwards. I could also have 'panic attacks' here (i.e. worrying about 'heart attacks').
  • A burning sensation 'my left foot's on fire'. I had to 'rotate/bend my eyes downwards' to ensure that there wasn't someone 'holding a blow torch' over my foot! It could also feel like that fire sensation was 'spreading up' my left leg, to the point where I was 'in a furnace'. This would then become a 'red hot poker' in the back of my left leg's calf muscle (although sometimes the burning sensation would originate from my calf muscle, whereas my left foot 'was fine'). Oddly enough, I don't recall these 'on fire sensations' ever occurring within my right leg or foot - being instead 'a further quirk' of the randomness that you're subjected to (whilst you're recovering).

I classify all such symptoms as 'tingling sensations' - because these 'random discomforts' will feel like (hot or cold) 'pins and needles', but on a 'bigger and more painful scale' ... I found this to be so, for both the 'size of the affected area' and the 'intensity of the tingling sensation'. For on some evenings, it felt like I'd 'dived into' a swimming pool 'full of itching powder' - only here (instead of 'itching powder') it was the slipped discs 'pushing on the nerves' within my body, with the symptoms being felt 'further along the nerves'. And whilst your suffering with such symptoms, you won't be able to help 'putting into context' other peoples 'silly little itches' - such as those that I heard 'being said' at dance class: with my friends feet, necks or arms 'all itching' at one time or another. They'd 'go to scratch' their itches (and resolve them). But no matter what I did, the itches 'deep inside my spine' would NOT 'go away'. There wasn't anything 'that I could do' - I just had to 'stand there' and try to ignore 'the tingling sensations' for several months! Although saying that, there is one particular phrase which 'comes to mind' (from an episode of the World at War) - which is said by 'an older man':

You get used to it. You can get used to anything!

Which is certainly true, of the tingling sensations 'that you shall encounter' whilst you're recovering from slipped discs.

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